Pastor Thom announced on his 68th birthday this past Sunday, March 6th that he will be retiring from the weekly pulpit ministry. His last day preaching at the Southside School location will be April 3, 2022.
Heartland Bible Chapel will continue the ministries of disciple-making, Biblical counseling, prayer group meetings, community service, and Bible studies. These will be at the 301 E Water Street building and at homes as scheduled.
Elders Thom and Tom have had repeated meetings with Pastor Troy Kaufman of Lighthouse Church, 2101 State Road 3 Hartford City. These meetings have facilitated a transition for the Heartland folks who so choose to worship and participate in the Lighthouse Church ministries. The first Sunday for this new arrangement is planned for April 11, 2022. Pastor Thom and Aleta plan to serve our Lord with Lighthouse Church in order to have the opportunity to broaden Christian community.
The Heartland church body will be interacting concerning these changes over the next few weeks at the Heartland Sunday assemblies. Pastor Thom is also available and eager to meet personally concerning this transition which has been in the works for several months. As usual, he can be reached at 765-499-8970.
The Heartland Church body was introduced to these up-and-coming changes at the March 6th assembly. The folks at the meeting were encouraged to communicate with each other and those unable to attend. Please freely interact and let us know your questions or concerns.
Thank you for this glorious journey of serving Jesus Christ our Lord together – Pastor Thom
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