One Thing. Per Jesus & David.

Luke 10 & Psalm 27


You know, this morning, we’re going to talk about something very relevant to the Fourth of July. I think that you’ll see that as we’re going along. As we’re getting there, I want to put up this that there is a saying that I’ve heard perhaps you’ve heard it, too. It is almost a legendary saying, at least in some parts of our country, other places as well, but some parts of our country, folks from California, we have some folks who did live in California that are now in the great state of Indiana.

But in California, I have a brother that lives there with his wife and my niece and nephew, are there there have their own families. And this saying is almost legendary to them? A saying that has to do Whoa, we lost something here. lost the signal.

A saying that has to do with with the big one.

Okay, there we go. Have you heard of that? The big one, especially by Californians? What What are they talking about? When they talk about the big one? Is this the big one? We know the big ones coming? What what are they referring to?

Earthquake? Yeah, the earthquake. Because of this? Well, this is just part of it. This is an aerial picture of the San Andreas Fault. Okay. And, well, here’s another one from a slightly different angle, you can see how very present that is. And according to this, if you can see that there is the place where the two plates, the North American plate, and the Pacific Plate

come together. And if you look right there, that’s the fault line. Of course, you know, Indiana has a fault line to it as do other places. But this one particularly is a problem.

So the big one has to do with that with the coming of the

big earthquake. Now, I know some folks in the Indiana who have talked about the

the big one.

Let me put this out there. just didn’t know if I get the chance to show you this, but I thought I would there’s a movie out on the more than one, by the way, but this is probably the most reason St. Andrei s. And you know, Dwayne Johnson, also known as the right yep, we knew that is the great rescue are. And you know, if you look at this, San Francisco is right on that and LA is below it

would be an interesting development. Well, the rock saves some of them anyway. As of May 29. Blast more than last year, a while ago, a while ago, some folks in Indiana use this to only they use it on a more personal basis. I know. Having heard of a guy speaking and having degenerative discs and him talking about the big one, the big ones coming in which he is anticipating some real impairment from that. And another person I still see around from time to time as a ticker

that he says is a ticking time bomb and he’s waiting for the big one, done as much as they can. He’s waiting for the big one. Or the Bible speaks to us

about a big one. Only it doesn’t put it in frightening destructive terms. It puts it in helpful, constructive impression. Both Jesus talked about it, and it is present in King David’s language. I’m going to ask you to turn with me to Luke chapter 10. This morning, where we hear Jesus speak about this one thing. Luke chapter 10. And then we’ll take a look at what David had to say in a psalm. One thing

is what we’re going to be looking at this morning as per Jesus ampere

King David, one thing, Luke chapter 10, if you’re there talks to us, about Jesus making disciples.

It gives a kind of if you would live shot of him doing that work of building disciples building followers of his who would carry on his work of service to God, which by the way, you know, that’s what Heartland is about. The discipling, our connects are to connect God, and people, even us. And then we also want to be changing into Christ’s likeness.

And then, continuing his work of service, which was input into lives to be followers of Christ. disciples, Jesus is doing that here, Luke chapter 10, if you’re with me, after this, the LORD, the LORD appointed verse one, Luke 10, the Lord appointed 72 others besides the 12, that he had with him, and he sent them on ahead of him to buy to into every town and place where he himself was about to go. He had an organization and a plan to this. And he sent them out specifically to areas towns and areas where he was intending to go, and they went out and ministered. And then verse 17, this takes place, and the 72 year old, returned with joy, saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name. And he said to them, and he goes on and gives them some instruction, which is a very interesting thing for him to say. And we would get sidetracked on it. If I reviewed it right now, my only point is to say that Jesus was building disciples, He had panned it out from the 12, to the 72, with a plan that he was carrying out, and they came back. And as they came back, they had a great deal of joy. And as they come back rejoicing, Jesus gives them instruction. And they then have an opportunity to see him minister, in context, in the unfolding of his life, because you see, there is a lawyer, verse 25, who stands up, verse 25. And behold, a lawyer stood up to put him to the test. And he presents a question to Jesus, about how a person gains eternal life.

Energy Jesus answers with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Now, we could get tried to act on that as well. My only point is, after making this story illustration to the man he said to him, verse 37,

the one who showed him mercy and Jesus said to him, go and do likewise, you to follow that.

The disciples had an opportunity to see that. And then Jesus leaves the area of verse 38. And he went on his way and entered a village. And this is not a parable.

It’s a story here.

Per the Lord Jesus, he presents The one thing needed in this actual account, this event of what took place. It’s the story about Mary and Martha, are you familiar with that story?

Be familiar with a Mary and Martha story. I know that people are because I have ladies Tell me from time to time. Well, I’m just a Martha. I’m a Morph.

Okay, and Okay, so let’s recount what’s the story here.

Yeah, you know, we may we need to go back and redo that. Remember when we did that for over a year did the stories from the scriptures and Matter of fact, you know what grew out of that. We have a movie called The greatest of these, and we were just about to show it when the COVID closed down or shut down came on us. And we had to stop. I mean, we had the place set. We had the popcorn box. We had the rent.

Done. We were ready to do it. And then As matter of fact we have some of the local actress the talents, the actors and actresses from them right here this morning still with us. Yeah.

That story was all came out of this storytelling. And this is one of the stories. Mary and Martha, what happened? Can somebody tell me the story?

It’s the one where Jesus comes to their house. Okay. So there is

her hospitality. Who’s the her?

Martha, Martha and what’s going on with Martha here? I’m going to coax this. Okay, here we go. Alright, so we’re going to coax this. Barney.

She’s serving? Yes, she started and she kind of gets uptight about something. What does she get uptight about?

Mary isn’t helping. That’s right. Mary’s not there. She hasn’t put her her

shoulder to the grindstone with her.

And so what is Martha do?

She goes to Jesus and she complains about verse. So Jesus is in their house. Verse 38, Martha complains, verse 40, look at what she says. But Martha was distracted with much serving and went up to him. This is Jesus. And she said, Lord, isn’t that an interesting thing? Master boss director, the one who calls the shots the manager here, she said the Lord. Do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me. And who she talked to.

Interesting that she felt that liberty to approach him like that isn’t in arrest.

Boss mode. That’s right. She’s got some things that she’s got to get done. And so what’s the one thing here because Jesus is about to tell her about one thing. As a matter of fact, notice how he responds, verse 41, but the Lord answered, and he said, Martha,

Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed. necessary. Need for this is the big one. The one thing Okay, so what is the one thing and you know, I have heard a lot of statements about what this one thing is. She only needed to have one dish, and not all the others that she was all concerned about. Well, you know, there’s something more besides the dishes there. There’s also the house and the people and all of that kind of stuff. And so what about that one thing? He said one thing is needful. I heard one guy’s a preacher, pretty well known preachers a matter of fact in a pretty prominent church, and I was listening to him as he talked about the one thing and the one thing he identified that was needed here was self esteem.

A made a big cake, you know, and I was looking, okay, where are you getting that here?

Just about knock me over there. Okay.

The one thing

that is need for this is Jesus. He is the boss. He is the Lord. He is the one in charge. He is dealing with Martha. And he says this, notice, he says Mary has chosen

the good part,

which will not be taken from her. What was the good part? Notice verse 39.

And Mary,

who sat at the Lord’s feet

and listened to his word,

his word that was being presented. That was the one thing that Jesus said was the good part.

The good part

The word good that he uses here means what’s beneficial. It is intrinsically having value to it. It intrinsically helps and benefits.


good part

Mary has chosen.

Can you imagine Jesus saying in this context where Mary had those options in front of her, and she intentionally chose

to sit and listen in?

on Jesus word.

Can you imagine Jesus said, Now Mary, get up? She needs your help. Let’s get going. You can’t You can’t. You can’t be low fun on this, Mary.

Yeah, I suspect she did. Yeah. I expect she saw that. Even if Martha didn’t talk. But knowing Martha.

Yeah. Yeah, it was a choice. And there were contrary pressures, even Jesus and

but it was a choice.

And it was the beneficial it was the one thing needed.


And another place, Jesus said, Man, does not live by bread alone.

but by every word

that proceed proceeds from the mouth of God.

And you know, that is quite literally true.

Because the book of Hebrews chapter three tells us that he Jesus

maintains everything,

the Universe by the word of his power.

And that’s the good part. And there are so many options here. And to select that good part.

Now, it’s encouraging

to see you

doing that, which is a good thing. It’s the good part. It’s the one thing needed and folks who are streaming with us.

The good part

this morning, we’re going to go a little further because we’re going to see King David.

Talk about the one thing,

the one thing

in the Lord’s mind, this is the one thing to select, out of all the things,

the one thing that’s needed.

That is beneficial.

That is helpful.

Per King David. So now I’m going to ask you to turn with me to Psalm 27. You know, we’re in a series on the Psalm, Psalm 27. And this in

Psalm 27.

is about

the one thing

if you’re with me, Psalm 27, and wants you to zero in on verse four,

Psalm 27, David speaking and he said, one thing I have asked of the Lord,

that will I also seek after

that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord, and to meditate, to inquire, to reflect, to think,

in his temple.

One thing,

the one thing needful,

you know, I remember a physician Well, not Dr. Stewart, Oh, I know him as well as a physician, but this physician would work all night in the ER, and we’d come to church exhausted.

And he said, I need to be here. I need. He heard, he heard the Lord’s one thing that was needful,

and he needed it. We need it.

It’s the beneficial thing.

And I want to say, on this birthday of our nation,

July 4 2021, starting July 4 1776, when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary the Declaration of Independence, Independence Day,

this week, this day, it’s especially noteworthy that we hear what King Davis says about this one thing,

especially the situation that our nation is

this one thing,

it’s important

because it has an impact. It has implication.

It has beneficial, intrinsically beneficial, helpful. Construction. And our nation needs it. We need it. It’s the one thing need for

Jesus. So in order to do this, we’re going to tie in to take a look here at this song. And we’re going to talk first of all, what what’s the context here?

And, you know, I, I need to tell you that the situation in David’s life in which he puts this down, he writes this one thing that’s needful. The one thing that he requests that he asks for that he seeks.

It’s not really clear.

No, one historical context because there are lots of times

David found this one.


For example, when David was on the run from Salt, you remember that?

First Samuel,

chapters 19, through 23, he has what takes place here,

going on. Then again, when David is experiencing the conflict between the house of Saul and the house of David after Saul is dead. He has the kind of frightful things going on in his nation.


in front of him.

And then again, when he was fighting the Philistines, who were coming on big time,

indicating the book of Samuel, he has these things.

And then again, when he was on the run from his very own son, Absalon, who is trying to usurp the throne in a military coup, and throw him out, David have to actually be on the run from the capital city, in the midst of this

Second Samuel 15, through 23.

All of those situations,

but the context is made very clear here by David.

When he talks about

what’s going on within him,

a life where I, the Lord,

always and forever. I am what you need. That is my Memorial name. That’s my name to all generations, that is who I am. to.

And during this whole time, we have been emphasizing the need to trust I am

you know, still weekly times that I’m rounding in the hospital times that I’m around in the community.

I have interactions this week


the conspiracy and the what’s going on and, and you know, irwins loosers book, we shall not be silent and he documents, things.

And if you remember when we looked at take heart

There is a lot of fear, especially in believers, Matt when he prayed this morning about the things going on in our nation,

and yet we still have these freedoms. Amen.

They David

talks about a life

where I am.

What is God’s name that he wants to be known by, throughout all generations.

David says, where I am is my light.

He’s my salvation,

and the stronghold of my life. That’s what he says here. The Lord, I am, is my light. He is my salvation. He is the strong hold of my life. And then he asked the question, Whom shall I fear? Of what shall I be afraid? If this is the case? What is this and you know, when he talks about light here, very interesting. It’s not just the light that talks about in his light, we see light. Life makes sense, when we see it, according to what Jesus said is the one thing that’s needed for the intrinsically beneficial thing, the good part for us, it makes sense it fits. I can deal with this. But that light isn’t just a light of No way. It is a light of joy. It is a light of hope. It is a light of encouragement, it is a light of help.

That’s what it is.

I am in my life,

is that light.

It is my salvation.

It is my anticipation of rescue and deliverance. He is the stronghold

of my life. This was the context of David and he’s not using these just throwing out terms. He is talking about things that are genuine, soul grabbing,

reality realities for him.

This is where he lives. This is the context of his life.

And David had these things quite literally. He had serious troubles and threats. Look at them here. When evil doers assail me, to eat up my flesh. He was talking about some very vicious people hear me Mr. That kind of thing is context of life for them. Now, to eat up my day. They are very vicious opponents, my adversaries and foes and look at what David says, it is they it is Zay who will stumble

and fall.

Now I want you to know


we are not so all fired right?

But the Lord

you have to bear in mind

I have values

and the biggest good that the part that’s best is that the Lord is my light, my salvation my strong

that I align with him not that God aligns with me.

Look at how David goes with this. Look at verse three.

Though when army in camp against me.

My heart shall not fear though war arises against me. Yet I am confident. The context here is a life with serious and that’s not spelled correctly. Serious troubles. But real confidence. Okay, serious trouble. Real confidence, serious distress, real confidence. How many here have ever had an army in camp

Against Joe.

How many here have had a war Rise Against Joe?

David did. This is not theoretical. And he had it over and over and over and over.

He had real political issues

where his life was hunted.

And David said,

because I am always and forever, what I need is my light of hope and joy.

Because he is

my stronghold and my rescue

I can handle those

with confidence.

The net amazing

I think personally that that is very amazing.

Alright, so that’s the context here. What’s the one thing the one thing he requests of the Lord? He says, One thing I’ve asked of the Lord is specific request. It’s a personal life long pursuit for David, one thing I have sought after and I will seek after

not only was this just one slice of his life,

and by the way, can I tell you

that that being a king

isn’t all

it’s cracked up to be? Okay. I want to share with you this note that comes from a guy who wrote a book on the one thing

David did not lead an easy life.

Being in king, king of Israel wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. David didn’t make it any easier with his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, and the shattering consequences it brought on him and a nation as a whole.

That is why David’s resolution is so stunning.

In view of David’s circumstances, one might have excused him that he may be had opted for a little peace and quiet or pray be a permanent and safe home away from his enemies or at least a month’s paid vacation. With all the struggles he faced, and the heartbreak he endured, most of us would be willing to cut the king a little slack here.

But when you see

verses one through three of Psalm 27, a good sense of what David faced on a daily basis, he had evil doers, a Salem he had ravenous desires of people to eat up his flesh of vivid men the metaphor of murderous intent. He speaks of

advocacy, adversaries and foes who sought every opportunity to destroy him his reputation, he envisions an army of enemies in camped, rising up to put an end to his life, all that he had worked to achieve.

He would suppose David would think about what

others were thinking or plotting against him.

But his aim

is the one thing

that he requests that the more a personal, life long pursuit.

I want you to know that David prayed about other things than

he says the one thing, meaning the big one,

the one that has high priority. Here, let me show you that he prayed for other things. Look with me at verse

six of Psalm 25. Remember your mercy and your steadfast love? For you have been from an old remember not the sins of my youth, verse seven of Psalm 25. David prayed for other things. Psalm 26 verse one vindication

mijo Lord, for I have walked in my integrity I’ve trusted in the Lord without wavering and he talks to the Lord about it. Look at Psalm 28 verse to hear the voice of my pleas for mercy. verse three, do not drag me off with a wicked verse for Give, give to them according to their deeds. David prayed about other things. But there was one big one, the one big one that had priority as his pursuit of a lifelong request. And here it is. It’s to dwell in the house of the Lord, to gaze upon his beauty, to think with him in his palace.

These are so big that I want to talk about these.

He wants to live

his request his lifelong pursuit, is to live in a place where he’s

got the ward

interactively. precedent is his life. You know, Jesus talked about this Jesus talk like this. In john chapter 15, he’s talked about abide in me and I in you, and as my word abides in you and you abide in and he’s talking about settling down and living in or actively with the Lord.

Enter actively, you know, life gets stuff in lots of demands, lots of frustration. We all have trials, tribulations, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo doo trade, we got this, it’s got this stuff. And here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. That’s the big one, the lifelong pursuit is to dwell

in or act


it, it’s to gaze upon his beauty, a question here, how beautiful is the Lord God?

How beautiful, how beautiful is that register in your heart that he is?

What is the most beautiful thing that you can think of?

I see a lot of the pictures of them. From my family taking shots of the sunrise, very, very, very

beautiful. pastels, the purples, the golds, the blues, the shading of it.

People there are some people that are very beautiful, but you know,

even in that sunrise, there’s some part of it. And for people there are some things that are even if they got it all together physically, there’s still some issues of behavior and, and you know, take whatever you imagine, have beautiful to perfection.

And that’s the beauty of God.

Because all of

all of that

is a reflection of his creative beauty.

God is Spirit, He is unapproachable light,



and his personality.

Is there anybody who has had a personality in your lifetime where you just kind of like to be around them?

That was just

take that to perfection.

That is God’s personality completely.

Valid, balanced.

He is called

the god eternal

in mortal,


the only wise God to Whom belongs this glory and this honor

for ever and ever.

First Timothy 170

the beauty of God

know why has seen nor has your heard. Neither has it entered into the hearts


the things that God has prepared

in his beauty

for those who love

Paul calm, they haven’t fainted. With this, john describing it in Revelation called the beatific vision, he points out what God looks like.

And it’s more than words can handle.

I want to dwell

on this beauty of God in his person in his wanes in his works.

That’s what I wanted to,

you know,

it’s encouraging to lift eyes to do this, to, to light, a fire,

of passion for the beauty of God,

I get an opportunity to do that, from time to time with people to light that fire.

So that it captivates their mind.

good opportunity to do that is to think of what you see is beautiful. Notice the things that are kind of, and then take it to perfection.

every good and perfect gift comes down from this father, who dwells in unapproachable light.

It’s hard for us to get there. That’s why it needs to be a request, and a lifelong pursuit,

to dwell on this, to live in. And to think, in God’s palace. We’re not going to get there this morning. It takes the investment of your request and lifelong pursuit

to get there,

to think on it.

It’s possible for us

because of the great act that God has done through Jesus Christ.

It’s possible.

It’s possible. Yeah.

What’s the benefit of

what’s the good of this pursuit? Why light this fire of passion for the beauty of the Lord? Because beauty is attractive. I mean, that’s almost synonymous terms, right? What does it mean to be attract?

It attracts you? Right? Beauty is attraction. We have a heart response to beauty, it’s attracting. I remember one of my kids saying, you know, guys are more interested in beauty than women are.

And the response was what

he says, Well,

look at what guys get and what girls have to put up with.

Obviously, guys are more interested in beauty. Now, I think that’s a little off.

Beauty draws the heart.

It is attractive.

What’s the benefit of lighting the passion for God’s beauty? I want you to know, the Bible unveils from cover to cover the attractiveness of our God.

Sometimes it’s intimidating attractiveness.

It’s the attractiveness of our God. It does this verse five, confident expectation. Look at what David says as a result. He says verse five,

for he will hide me in the shelter,

his protective covering in the day of trouble, he will conceal the under the cover of his tent of his dwelling place. He will lift me high upon a rock

of protection and security.

And this can be experienced now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies.

Now my head is lifted up with confidence, not big

Because I’m so right, but because of who he is, and I pursue him

committed expression here,

I will offer worship, with joy, joyful sounds, these sacrifices, I will sing and make melody to the Lord,

I will sing.

You know for us today,

this is added to

by being filled

with the Spirit

Ephesians talks to us, don’t be distracted, don’t be drunk with wine because that’s,

that’s wasteful. That’s that waste to

be filled with the Spirit and result.

Singing to one another songs and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.

Folks, as believers, there is an attractiveness of the Lord that we can bear in this world. When we experience we can bear it. Right now there is a great conflict between the right and the left. And it seems that folks are kind of polarizing and there is conflict here. And it is a vicious conflict on some fronts.

Where do believers go?

believers go to the attractiveness of the Lord.

They go

and they reflect in this world.

His view,

folks, our citizenship, where is it?

It’s in heaven.

It’s the heaven. Our citizenship is in heaven. That’s where we belong. And we

need to have our opinions, our political opinions, but we need to reflect His beauty

in doing them because your citizenship

isn’t here.

It’s there.

This is our nation’s birthday. Our nation was born in conflict.

It has had conflict right along. It still has conflict.

But there is

an opportunity

to reflect

the beauty of

the attractiveness.

What’s your choice

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